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Our ghosting experts are making it into the news for all the right reasons. We have been serving a number of clients over the past few years and have gained immense popularity and acknowledgment from the greatest of all time new broadcasting units.


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If you want to become an author, here's a quick hack, hire a ghostwriter from Book Writing Founders. Get a free quote or speak to our ghostwriting expert today.

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Ghostwriter for Hire in the Most Affordable Prices

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a brand manager or an individual with a remarkable story. But in the search of a quick hack, then let go of the worry that deplete your mind because Book Writing Founders got your back! Our extremely talented and skilled ghostwriter possess abilities that perk up every narrative. Be it an account of poverty to newfound wealth, a chronicled account, or the story of an otherworldly realm; our Book Writing Founders take care of you.

Hire a ghostwriter now, and spread the word to the world! We will give a voice to your story that motivates, inspires and grabs the audience’s eye.

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Book – Marketing & Promotion

Book marketing is one of the most difficult parts after publishing it. It is one of the far-reaching advertising methods. To get your book distributed, marketing and promotions play a significant role. But it's high time that you get in touch with our book marketing and promotion experts. Our professionals get your book broadcasted by making it reachable to a wide exhibit of crowds situated all through the world. Our latest and smart advertising experts make public mindfulness about your book through an assortment of methodologies and various types of correspondence.

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Amazon Publication

Amazon publication is one of the most preferred methods to get your book published on it. Due to its reach and potential users, it can help you reach millions of readers around the globe. Our specialist co-ops get your copies distributed at Amazon and qualify you for an opportunity to win sovereignties. Through Amazon publication, your book can reach a wide scope of crowd rapidly, and we make it all happen with the right amount of information, tools, and expertise.

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Book Editing

Booking editing at times longer than writing a book itself. Therefore, we are here to provide you professional assistance in regard to book editing. Our book professional writers and editors can help you in editing your master copies without a problem. Our editors are quite nit-picky and perfectionists, therefore they make sure your books are as perfect as they can ever be. Hire our editors today and get your copies passed through numerous filters and detailed reviews.

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Book Cover Design

We live in a world where every book is ‘judged’ by its cover without any second thoughts. An appealing cover quickly catches the client's eye. Suppose that you've composed an astounding book. In any case, assuming nobody is truly going to take a gander at it amongst many books encompassing it, nobody will at any point know how great of a book it really is. That's when our team of expert book cover designers came forward. Our devoted designers pass your book through a screening and suggest book covers that radiate all that the book is about in the most fun, quirky and catchy way possible. Therefore, we stand by the fact that the first impression is actually the last impression, and that's why we produce the best designs exclusively for your books that will capture your reader's eye in a snap!

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Autibiography Writing

If you like to rap but are unable to put your ideas into words, then hire our expert hip hop writers. Your ideas, your voice, are strategized into words that fit right. We have a committed group of hip hop writers on their toes waiting to compose your rap melodies. Our hip hop writers with great understanding of music, lyrics, rap and different genres see how verses should be expressive, and they endeavor to convey exceptional verses by utilizing their innovative inventiveness.

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Fiction Book Writing

Fiction book writing is not a piece of cake. Fiction writing is more drawn towards creativity. There are different types of fiction writing such as horror, drama, comic and so on. Our team has specialization in each one of the genres, therefore we do everything that you anticipate. All you need to do is provide us with the plot, the climax you expect and character and then leave the rest to our experts. Our fiction book writers are always as excited to write your book as much as you are! Therefore, we go above and beyond to deliver the best fiction book of all time.

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We give voice to your thoughts and a medium to reach as many people as it can. Ghostwriters make narration of your story easy for you.


Want the World to Hear Your Story? Ghostwriter for Hire!

If you want the word to hear your story, then allow us to take control and narrate it for you. Our ghostwriting experts give words to your contemplation and fasten them together as a dazzling book that will keep your pursuers snared till the very last moment. We have highly skilled ghostwriters who utilize such narrating strategies and designs to make a life story sound like a gallant story of all times. We also provide free consultation services round the clock to our customers, who can speak to our experts and explore the complete scope of ghostwriting.

Legitimate Preparation and Direction

We tend to follow a complete process of writing that involves a series of steps including research, comprehensive editing, and so much more. It is a full circle that focuses in customer’s requirements, specifications, and satisfaction at best.


Why Should You Hire a Ghostwriter?

If you are wondering why you should hire us, then here are a few measures to keep in consideration. We have a big team of experienced ghostwriters who master different genres of writing and deliver 100% unique content.

Round the Clock Free Consultation

We offer free consultation 24/7 and are always there to assist you, guide and take care of all your inquiries. We guarantee speedy and compelling correspondence.

Limitless Revisions

We strongly believe in customer satisfaction, therefore we offer limitless revisions until you are happy. Our ghostwriters write content upon your request and fulfill all the needs.

Quality Work Ensured

We never compromise on quality, and that's what makes us stand apart from the crowd. We perform a number of quality assurance screening tests before delivering anything to you. You'll receive only great quality, pixel perfect work.

Hire a ghostwriter with ease!

We have laid a simple and easy-to-follow procedure for our clients.

Our Ghostwriters will Give Words To Your Thoughts, Making It Easy For You To Narrate The Story.


Register & Sign Up

Signup and register through our website or give us a call to book your slot.


Comprehensive Research & Draft

Once your order is confirmed, our writers do comprehensive research and draft an outline of your book.


First Chapter & Preface

After the outline is approved, ghostwriters start working on the first chapter of your book and send it back for another review.


Proofreading, Editing & Revisions

Once our writing experts complete your book we make sure that it's perfect and nothing else and that is why the manuscript goes through a series of proofreading, editing, revisions and the reviews and so forth screening tests.



The last step is book formatting, in this step our focus is design, fonts, graphics, details =, book covers and so forth.


Book Publishing, & Marketing

We publish books on such broadcasting channels that reach maximum masses and target audiences with the right promotional paradigms.

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Let's Hear From Our Senior Ghostwriter About
What To Expect When You Write Your Own Book.

What's in store When Writing a Book All Alone?

According to a survey, we came to know that, to complete a book, it takes about 475 hours on average. Yes, you heard that right! Completing a book is no joke, and it sometimes takes ages to complete one. It is an extract of one's life, experiences, observations and what not. You might never know which portion of any bestseller book was written by the original writer or by any ghostwriter. Mostly great renowned writers hire professional ghostwriters to stay on track with tight deadlines, delivery dates and much more.

Our ghostwriters study the original writer first because it is important to know how they carry themselves out, talk, and the language they use in order to write a piece that looks written by them only. It's part of the process to ensure the uniqueness, and originality of the content. So regardless of whether an eminent master could require help from a professional writer, somebody who isn't so much as an author by calling makes certain to require an expert to help them.

The first problem that arises when an individual picks up the pen is ‘what to write’, it is one of the major difficulties people face. Our ghostwriters understand that you might have the entire book delineated in your mind. However, articulating those contemplations is something else entirely. Numerous aspiring writers give up hope because of how difficult writing can be. Therefore, we suggest that do not give hope but take assistance from a senior ghostwriter who will be your guiding light. Hiring a ghostwriter will be your best decision because they just help you complete your sentences and take control of everything. Nobody at any point turned into a laid out creator with their first piece of writing. So go ahead and compose, rework, and afterward compose it over and over until the best form of the book begins to show itself.

Writer's block is something that people shall start talking about because it's the time when you struggle to put your thoughts on paper in black and white. People go through it alot and when our ghostwrites step forward to help you out. New ghostwriters regularly track down writing the primary draft, the main part, or the principal section of every section like it's a ton of work.

It's important to step out of writer’s block, find inspiration and freshen your mind and begin chipping away at the task. Writing a book is not just writing tirelessly, but it's so much more. It is a complete process that involves a series of steps including proofreading, editing, rectifying errors, formatting, design and so forth. But the most difficult part is making your book accessible to all the target audiences. Book marketing and promotion followed by publishing is not a piece of pie. But our senior publishers make it easy for all.

The brilliant methodology is to work with assistance like Ghost Book Writers. With us, you'll be finished with the distribution right away. Another factor to put into consideration is the fact that writing books or any copy is a business and if people are not interested in your business, then it's not worth it. You need to persuade individuals to focus on what you bring to the table, and really at that time you can anticipate that they should see the value in your item like it's intended to be valued. That starts from designing a book cover that captures readers eye first and foremost. It needs to be tempting as well as convincing to which the reader can't resist. The same goes with publishing your book.

How Hiring a Ghostwriter is Beneficial for You and Characteristics of Good Ghostwriters

Hiring a professional ghostwriter is beneficial in a number of ways. Below are top benefits why you shall hire ghostwriter for any piece of writing,

  • Content Marketing
    No one understands content marketing better than an expert ghostwriter. All the content you come across on digital outlets is usually written by professional ghostwriters. Ghostwriters understand the whole algorithm of content marketing like back linking, bridging links from high authority sites, getting the content published on the right channels and so much more. Therefore, hiring a ghostwriter for content marketing is always the most preferred and right option to go with.
  • Time Saving
    Ghostwriters save your time as well as your company’s time. You can hire one ghostwriter from ghost authors for a long term or short. Get your blogs written on company profiles in the most professional and productive manner, in this way you can outsource your work to experts of a particular domain.
  • Ghostwriters become your business partners
    Once you start working with ghostwriters, there is no going back. Because we take our time to understand your business and bring the best out of it. We develop strategies that work for your business and everything that can take it to new heights. For the above reasons, we can conclude that either you're an entrepreneur or own a SME of any shape or size, you always need a professional ghostwriter.
  • Characteristics of Expert Ghostwriter
    Recruiting a professional book writer is not an easy job to do. There are a number of factors to keep into consideration while hiring a ghostwriter for example time. Time is a fragile variable and ought to be talked about at the hour of employment. A ghostwriter with ample experience will write a book in half the time as compared to any newcomer who has just stepped into the world of ghostwriting. It's highly important to know the time a ghostwriter will require to deliver the product because it needs to align with business time and numbers too. Every ghostwriter will require an alternate range of time and level of association from the client. Every ghostwriter works in a different way, everyone’s writing method differs from one another. A professional writer might be out of sight subsequent to gathering information from you, with practically no contact unless they need more information or anything from you. This doesn't imply them being professional or incredible writers. A decent professional writer will have experience composing books in a similar class, so they get the specialty and the dos and don'ts of the classification whose book you require them to compose. The expense of employing ought to be advocated by the outcome. That is the reason we offer adaptability to make your own bundle contingent on the administrations you require. Contact us today to hire a ghostwriter from Book Writing Founders or speak to our expert for free consultation.
Facing a Hard Time Writing a Book on Your Own?

Do not worry anymore because ghost authors got your back! Request a free quote today.


Why Do You Need a Ghostwriter?

If you're an aspiring author or business owner wondering why you need a professional ghostwriter, then here are a few reasons that might help you understand and figure out why a ghostwriter is compulsory. Employing a ghostwriter is one exhaustive task and something that is not liked by many individuals.

Be that as it may, very much as you don't fabricate the house you live in, similarly, you could require a ghostwriter to assist with writing your book for you. Ghostwriters bring so much clarity when it comes to any kind of content creation such that while writing a book they bring the best to the table that instantly becomes everyone’s favorite. Someone splendid and sensible wouldn't permit their cutoff points to get them far from their fate to make a book when they could without a very remarkable stretch track down an expert ghostwriter and become an author.

The justifications mentioned above clears the air and all the misconceptions. A great ghostwriter benefits the company in the same way as anyone else. If you are writing a book and are occupied enough that you can dedicate yourself fully to it, then reach out to a ghost author who can do it for you. All you need to do is provide all the information that they require completing your book, like you’ll do.

Hiring a ghostwriter not just saves your time but also brings new ideas to the table when it's about writing, marketing, promotions or publishing the book or anything. They say two heads are superior to one, and they're not off-base. The second of the greatest two reasons is to utilize the imagination Also, the skill of an expert author. The thoughts remain yours, and you are as yet the writer of your book, yet you really want the ability of an essayist to change them into words and organize them together as a book.

Professional writers with years of experience organize your thoughts and words in a way that it takes the shape of the book. Taking professional advice from ghostwriters is not something to be embarrassed about because we are here to help you in that case. Because, we understand the nuance of how difficult it can get to write a book on your own.

Hiring a professional ghostwriter is important as we know that it requires numerous long stretches of involvement, inventiveness, deep-rooted understanding propensities, sheer discipline, tremendous tolerance, and extraordinary jargon to pass for a decent author. Whereas a professional writer with an incredible skill set can cover everything for you?

A ghostwriter not just assists you in writing, but they also assist you with offering different points of views and perspectives that might give your book a much-needed take as well as a fresher look. Besides giving you a new look, writers also chip away at the unnecessary content. Having said that, we reach the conclusion that hiring a ghostwriter will always be the right thing to do when it comes to writing content and saving time simultaneously.

Process Behind Hiring a Ghostwriter and Ghostwriting

Ghostwriter simply implies that one entity which is invisible literally. The ghostwriter never comes in the foreground or takes the spotlight. The phantom stows away in the shadows, assumes control over the book, and finishes an incomprehensible errand quickly. A professional ghostwriter remains in the shadows of your creative writing process. The art of writing a book is quite challenging yet the most fulfilling once your manuscript is complete and ready to reach audiences.

A professional writer is writing or creating content the maximum time of the day. They are always in practice of delivering more content in a day by stretching their comfort zones and meeting the deadlines. Our ghost authors work tirelessly to complete your dream book in the most time efficient manner. Indeed, actually, they are laboring for a few hours every day, except they have a huge load of involvement chipping away at comparative undertakings, so they know very well how to deal with the test.

No one can see a ghostwriter or find a difference in what is written by the original author or a ghost author because of the kind of work they pull off. Once your book hits the shelves or in the hand of your audience, no one will ever find a distinction between original author and ghost author. Our ghost authors delve into your requirements and do a complete analysis on the fact that how the original author talks, writes, narrates and everything that comes into play while writing a book. In order to maintain consistency, uniformity and so forth.

Our ghost authors follow an agile methodology. Moreover, we keep the client as a part of the process, where you can witness all the twists and turns your book is taking. Our focus will always be what outcomes you're expecting from your book. Our author's keen eye for details will leave no sphere uninfluenced.

We pay attention to the littlest nooks. You can request details about your book anytime or revisions. Our ghostwriters wish to facilitate you at the best and integrate everything you want. We are accessible round the clock, as much as your book is our top priority so is your satisfaction with end results. Our authors will study, explore and conceptualize your plans to take full advantage of one another's assets. Out of this data, a layout is attracted up and shipped off to you for endorsement.

Our process starts from creating an outline using your specifications, requirements and all the details. Our expert ghostwriters send you the outline for review that you need to revert. Once the outline is approved and meets your expectations, our writers start working on the preface and chapter 1. We assign expert writers according to their expertise and niches. You will be working with the best ghost author of a specific writing genre and style. After the approval of chapter one, the writer will be dedicated to completing the book by writing the rest of the chapters. After the completion of your book, it will be in the phase of editing, proofreading, marketing and so on. Our senior editors will dive deep into your book and perform deep-rooted analysis. They will change everything that doesn't sit well and add everything to make your book the best of all time.

The last phase involves marketing, pulsing, designs, formatting of your book and then making it accessible to the audiences. We have a series of filters and screens from which your book passes from in order to become the best version of itself. Our ghost authors can not stress enough on how important it is to work on the designs because we live in the era where every book does get judged by its cover, therefore that too is an exhaustive process. We will likewise deal with the cover craftsmanship and different components. You can have confidence that your cover configuration, composing of the book, and organizing will be generally in amiability with one another since they're being done under one rooftop.

Ghost authors are available round the clock to help each and every one, be it our clients, customers or an aspiring ghostwriter needing some sort of assistance. One can always get in touch with our senior ghostwriter, editor, design expert without any hassle. We offer free consultations to people who wish to begin their career in the amazing ghostwriting craft.

frequently asked questions


The pay varies from project to project. It depends on the type of content you require, word count, details, extra amendments requested by client, and so forth. Therefore, there is no fixed number. But if you wish to get one, then please get in touch or request a free quote.

The process of hiring a ghostwriter from a ghost author is simple and swift. All you need to do is email us or give us a call. Our representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible and get your work stated. Our expert ghostwriters will guide you through the process by making it as transparent as they can.

Ghostwriting is a service where the writer pens the text, which is credited to someone else. Ghostwriting services are usually available by authors, marketers, SMEs owners and anyone who requires any type of content by professionals. Ghostwriting makes everyone’s life easy by providing the best writing services across the globe. Ghost authors is one of the best ghostwriting services providers which emphasize on delivering the best content while making their clients' satisfaction as top priority.

Hiring a ghostwriter for a book is as easy as it can ever possibly be in history. All you need to do is get in touch with ghost author’s ghostwriters, provide them all the required information and wait till they get back to for the approval of the initial draft. If you approve the outline, they will devote their time, effort, and creativity to complete your book at the earliest. So, do not worry, just speak to our senior ghostwriter to request a free quote today.

If you wish to become a ghostwriter then start reading, get your hands on freelancing and writing different types of content. Build a strong portfolio and learn to market, be it yourself or the content you produce.

It depends on the speed of the writer, word count, and understanding of the task. Usually, on average, it takes 6 to 8 months to complete a book. The duration also depends on the expertise of the ghostwriter and where you are hiring from. To get your book before the average duration, hire a ghostwriter from Book Writing Founders today.

Yes! Ghostwriters at Book Writing Founders understand their assignment quite well. We offer services that begin with content outline and ends with your book residing on the bookshelf of the best book of all time. We offer book cover designs, formatting, editing, proofreading, marketing and promotion.

Book Writing Founders Got You Covered!

From the initial draft to making it reachable for your target audiences. Ghost author is a one-stop platform that caters everything that lies in the intersection of content creation, marketing and publishing.

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